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Science is a compulsory subject from Year 7 through to Year 10. Since the implementation of the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum from K – 10 students across all their compulsory schooling years will be engaged in the learning of Science as a continuum thus allowing a thorough development of the lifelong skills of critical thinking, logical process and scientific literacy. These skills, which are transferrable to many aspects of their daily lives, will enable them to be more informed young adults who will, in a very short time, be the decision-makers of the country.

a-curricular activities. Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities such as the RACI Crystal Growing competition, STANSW Young Scientist competition, Wollongong Science Fair, RACI National Titration competition, Women in Engineering events, the Brain Bee challenge, the Education Perfect Science World Series as well as the Big Science competition.


Science in Years 7 – 10

Science allows students a different learning environment to a regular classroom. Lessons are taught in a laboratory which serves as both a practical and a theoretical learning space. Practical experiences teach students about fair testing and results analysis in order to provide them with the ability to make considered decisions about issues that may arise in their lives.  Theoretical lessons are designed to develop student ideas by allowing them to question the world around them and to engage with real-world issues.

Real-world issues covered in Science include environmental stewardship with particular emphasis on clean water, ecosystem destruction and resource use; human health and safety, particularly safety in cars, diseases and the new technology areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and nuclear medicine; space science of our Solar System and our Universe; and the study of matter from atoms to chemicals we use every day of our lives.


Science in Years 11 and 12

Four science courses are offered in Years 11 and 12: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science.

Students may choose to study up to 3 of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Senior Science cannot be selected with any other Science course in Year 11 but can be studied in Year 12 with any of the other courses. Senior Science in Year 12 is a stand-alone course that does not require the completion of the Year 11 course for Senior Science.

In 2018 Aquinas Catholic College is undertaking a new student information system called Compass.
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Aquinas Catholic College Menai is a co-educational, Years 7-12, Catholic High school, established in 1993. The present accommodation includes the Administration Building, College library, general classrooms and the full range of specialist rooms.







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